Welcome to LIMITLE$S! As it will be going on January, we WILL be accepting auditions, and although we have only had one performance, I (Kay) am of the mind that we did it very well. If interested in auditioning or listening to auditions, email me at Limitlessmakayla@gmail.com, or email Lennox at nyla.lennox@gmail.com, and also Phaelen at phaelen.wheeler@gmail.com .


Don’t be afraid to contact us or leave a post on our blog! We will not consume your soul and send your lifeline into eternal damnation. Probably.

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Bad News

Hey guys. It’s Lennox/Deltacore. Got some bad news. So basically Torren and I are *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn* moving. And it ain’t close. So sad but likely, Torren and I are not going to be regular members of the chorus anymore. It’s entirely possible we will be able to come down to practice on weekends, but … Continue reading Bad News


Alright, this is our ACTUAL first performance, since the last two didn’t work out with timings and all. It will be on the 4th of June sometime between 11:30 and 1:00 at the Delta Farmer’s Market across from the Delta Firehall! We will be performing four songs, one with two rounds in different styles.   … Continue reading Performance


Hey everyone! LIMITLE$S is off to a good start, we have only had one performance, which in itself was part of someone else’s performance. We would love to travel a little and perform for others multiple times. This is mainly due to lack of available performers, and there’s more details under ‘Our First Christmas Performance’ … Continue reading Donations

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